Methods of payment: Cash, MasterCard, Visa, Discover

ALL appointments are to be prepaid/hold with a 50% of the service rate on a credit card number.

If you are paying CASH, you will still need to book your appointment with credit card number. You will not be charged the full rate unless cancellation policy is not followed, or in case of no show/no call.


Scheduling Policy:


Please be aware that I will arrive about 15 minutes early from your appointment time in order for me to set up and for you to fill out your informed consent and medical questionnaire unless you have completed it before hand and have it with you.

Note: Each session includes a 5 minutes pre-interview and 5 minutes at the end for you to re-dress



We expect client to be at the massage therapy session with good hygiene.

Showering before a session is highly encouraged and appreciated.

For the comfort of the therapist, please minimize the use of perfume, cologne or scented products.  If you are a smoker, please refrain from smoking before your session.  Therapist has the right to cancel the appointment for any strong scent (smoking/perfume/fragrance or any other) that may affect the health of therapist and/or clients.



My goal is to offer the same type of attention and pampering to each and every client. For this reason, if you are late 5 minutes, your massage will be reduced by that amount of time.

If you are late for more than 20 minutes, your appointment will be 30 minutes long, but will still be responsible to pay for the whole hour of the service.



Please be aware that since now I am going mobile; please be considerate of my time, as now I will be driving to you.

Also, please make sure to have a space big enough for the massage table and a chair.




I am requesting a 24-hour notice of cancellations (this gives me time to try contact other clients interested in an earlier, or later session). Less than 24 hours is not acceptable. Missed appointments without notices are not acceptable.

The full fee will be charged for a missed appointment without notice. Cancelled appointments without minimum notice, will be charged the full service fee.

There are situations that will be handled case-by-case.
The credit card will not be charged unless the client again does not call/show for the rebooked appointment.


In the event that you need to cancel your appointment, 24-hour cancellation notice is required.

Call 407-375-3559 (No text messages) and leave a voicemail or email me to cancel your appointment.

If you need to change your appointment time, we ask, as a courtesy, that you notify us as soon as possible.

Initial: ___________



The amount of the service will be charged to your credit card.

Prepaid Massages/Gift Certificates will be voided and marked as used. If you are ill please cancel and reschedule your appointment, as massage can exacerbate your condition.

Initials: ___________


ALL SALES ARE FINAL and NO REFUNDS are given. This includes gift certificates.



Any suggested sexual behavior by the client towards the therapist or vice versa is not only unethical but also inappropriate and unacceptable.  If the therapist or the client feels uncomfortable at any time, the treatment will be stopped immediately and you will not get a refund. Sexual innuendos or advances will not tolerated!!!

I have read, understand and agreed on the terms described above.


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Client’s signature                                                                                                                             Date



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Therapist’s signature                                                                                                                     Date